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Adam Laura

Country: Australia

Nickname: Heavy Hands

Occupation: Lawyer

Record: 0-1

Height: 6’3” / 191 cm

Weight: 264 LBS. / 120 Kg

Style: Hook

puller stats

Power: 7


Endurance: 7.5


Hit: 6


Hook: 7


Speed: 6


Catch: 7.5


Press: 6.5


Hand: 8


Table IQ: 9


Toproll: 7


Counters: 8


puller bio

Adam Laura

Adam Laura stands as a formidable figure in the world of arm wrestling, known for his colossal power and unwavering commitment to the sport. Weighing in at 115 kilograms, Adam's immense strength is matched only by his friendly and supportive nature, making him not only a dominant force on the arm wrestling table but also a cherished mentor to many.

Physical Dominance:
Standing tall with a robust frame that tips the scales at 115 kilograms, Adam Laura is a true powerhouse. His massive arms and shoulders are a testament to his remarkable strength and dedication to arm wrestling.

Power Personified:
Adam's arm wrestling prowess is nothing short of extraordinary. His ability to harness his immense power and channel it into every match is awe-inspiring. His opponents often find themselves facing not only a competitor but an unstoppable force.

Friendly and Supportive:
Off the arm wrestling table, Adam is celebrated for his friendly and approachable demeanor. He embodies sportsmanship and camaraderie, offering a welcoming hand to newcomers and seasoned arm wrestlers alike. His willingness to help and mentor others is a testament to his love for the sport and its community.

A Guiding Light:
Adam Laura's journey in arm wrestling has been marked by a dedication to the growth and development of the sport. He actively shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring arm wrestlers, serving as a mentor and coach to those looking to improve their skills.

Triumphant Moments:
Adam's arm wrestling career boasts numerous victories in local and national competitions. His immense power and technical prowess have secured him a place among the sport's elite, earning the respect and admiration of his peers.

Inspiration to Many:
Beyond his competitive achievements, Adam serves as a true inspiration to the arm wrestling community. His willingness to offer guidance and support has helped countless individuals improve their arm wrestling abilities and achieve their goals.

Future Aspirations:
Adam Laura's journey in arm wrestling continues, with his commitment to excellence and mentorship remaining unwavering. He strives to promote the sport's growth while continuing to compete and inspire the next generation of arm wrestlers.

Adam Laura's unique combination of immense power, friendly disposition, and dedication to mentorship has left an indelible mark on the world of arm wrestling. As he continues to excel on the arm wrestling table and nurture the talents of others, his legacy as a true ambassador of the sport is bound to endure.

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