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Jordan Sill

Country: United States

Nickname: The Thrill

Occupation: Arm Wrestler

Record: 0-1

Height: 6’2” / 188 cm

Weight: 235 LBS. / 107 Kg

Style: Top Roll

puller stats

Power: 7.5


Endurance: 8.5


Hit: 6


Hook: 7.5


Speed: 7


Catch: 8


Press: 7


Hand: 8


Table IQ: 8


Toproll: 7.5


Counters: 8


puller bio

Jordan Sill

Jordan Sill is a revered figure in the world of arm wrestling, celebrated for his unwavering passion, well-rounded skills, and a wealth of experience garnered over two decades of relentless dedication to the sport. His remarkable journey is a testament to his enduring commitment and love for arm wrestling.

Unyielding Passion:
Jordan's journey in arm wrestling is underpinned by an unquenchable passion for the sport. His love for arm wrestling is evident in his relentless dedication and unwavering enthusiasm, qualities that have fueled his remarkable journey for over two decades.

Two Decades of Excellence:
With an impressive career spanning more than 20 years, Jordan Sill has seen it all in the world of arm wrestling. He has competed in countless matches, faced a myriad of opponents, and experienced the ever-evolving dynamics of the sport.

Well-Rounded Skills:
Jordan possesses a well-rounded and versatile skill set in arm wrestling. His extensive experience has honed his abilities in various techniques, grips, and positions, making him a seasoned and adaptable competitor capable of navigating any arm wrestling challenge.

Triumphant Moments:
Jordan Sill's arm wrestling career is adorned with numerous triumphant moments in local, national, and international competitions. His enduring dedication and wealth of experience have earned him accolades and the respect of his peers within the arm wrestling community.

Inspiration Through Experience:
Beyond his competitive success, Jordan serves as an inspiration to aspiring arm wrestlers who look up to his decades-long journey. He actively supports and motivates fellow athletes, sharing his wisdom and experience to help them navigate the complexities of the sport.

Future Aspirations:
Even after two decades of arm wrestling, Jordan Sill's journey is far from over. With his vast experience and unwavering passion, he aspires to continue competing at the highest levels of the sport, challenging opponents, and showcasing the enduring power of dedication.

Jordan Sill's unique blend of passion, experience, and well-rounded skills has made him a revered figure in the world of arm wrestling. As he continues to inspire and compete, his legacy is sure to endure, a shining example of the enduring love and commitment to the sport.

Jordan Sill continues to captivate arm wrestling audiences with his unmatched experience, demonstrating that in this thrilling sport, dedication and perseverance can lead to a legacy of excellence that spans decades.

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