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Marcus Atirai

Country: Australia

Nickname: The Tahitian Wrecking Ball

Occupation: Arm Wrestler

Record: 2-1

Height: 6’5” / 195 cm

Weight: 374 LBS. / 170 Kg

Style: Open Top Roll/Kings

puller stats

Power: 9.5


Endurance: 8


Hit: 8


Hook: 9


Speed: 6


Catch: 8


Press: 6


Hand: 6.5


Table IQ: 6.5


Toproll: 8


Counters: 7.5


puller bio

Marcus Atirai

Marcus Atirai, known as "The Tahitian Wrecking Ball" stands as a remarkable figure in the world of arm wrestling. With an imposing stature that clocks in at 162 kilograms, Marcus possesses an astounding blend of enormous power and a humble, friendly demeanor that endears him to fans and competitors alike.

Physical Dominance:
Marcus's physical presence is awe-inspiring. His robust frame, weighing 162 kilograms, is a testament to his exceptional strength and dedication to the sport. His massive arms, hidden beneath a layer of humility, are capable of incredible feats of power.

The Art of Defense:
Marcus Atirai's arm wrestling style is a unique blend of strategy and strength. He is renowned for his defensive prowess and his expert utilization of the "King's Move" position. This tactical approach sets him apart from many arm wrestlers, making him a formidable competitor to face on the arm wrestling table.

A Gentle Giant:
Off the table, Marcus's humility and friendliness shine through. Despite his imposing size and competitive drive, he is known for his warm and approachable nature. He treats opponents, fans, and fellow competitors with respect, earning him a special place in the hearts of those who know him.

A Decade of Dedication:
Marcus's journey in arm wrestling spans over a decade. During this time, he has honed his skills, perfected his unique defensive style, and earned a reputation as a sportsman of the highest order. His dedication to the craft is an inspiration to arm wrestlers at all levels.

Triumphant Moments:
Marcus Atirai's arm wrestling journey has been marked by numerous triumphs in both local and national competitions. His mastery of the King's Move and his unyielding defensive style have led to memorable victories that continue to captivate arm wrestling enthusiasts.

Inspiration to Many:
Beyond his achievements on the arm wrestling table, Marcus serves as a source of inspiration to countless individuals who aspire to greatness. He actively mentors and supports young arm wrestlers, sharing his expertise and promoting the growth of the sport.

The King's Move Legacy:
Marcus's use of the King's Move has redefined the defensive approach in arm wrestling. His mastery of this technique has not only secured victories but also sparked interest and debate in arm wrestling circles.

Future Endeavors:
As "The Tahitian Wrecking Ball" continues to evolve and elevate his arm wrestling career, his dedication to the sport remains unwavering. His goal is to inspire others to pursue their dreams while maintaining the humility and sportsmanship that have defined his journey.

Marcus Atirai's unique blend of enormous power, a humble spirit, and an unparalleled defensive arm wrestling style make him a beloved and respected figure in the arm wrestling community. As he embarks on the next chapter of his arm wrestling journey, his legacy is sure to endure.

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