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Riekerd Bornman

Country: Australia

Nickname: The Juggernaut

Occupation: Athlete

Record: 0-1

Height: 6’3” / 191 cm

Weight: 270 LBS. / 123 Kg

Style: Top Roller

puller stats

Power: 8


Endurance: 6


Hit: 7


Hook: 6.5


Speed: 7.5


Catch: 7


Press: 8


Hand: 7


Table IQ: 7


Toproll: 7.5


Counters: 6


puller bio

Riekerd Bornman

Riekerd Bornman is a dominant force in the world of arm wrestling, celebrated for his immense passion, well-rounded skills, and the staggering power he brings to the table—power honed through a history in rugby league. Riekerd's journey is a testament to his dedication, versatility, and raw strength.

Unyielding Passion:
Riekerd's journey in arm wrestling is driven by an unquenchable passion for the sport. His love for arm wrestling is palpable in his relentless dedication and unwavering enthusiasm. Riekerd's fervor for the sport is the foundation of his remarkable journey.

Raw Power and Skill:
Riekerd Bornman possesses an extraordinary combination of raw power and technical skill in arm wrestling, attributes that he has honed through his background in rugby league. His muscular and robust physique serves as a testament to his history in sports, making him a formidable competitor.

Rugby League Background:
Riekerd's history in rugby league has provided him with a strong foundation of physicality and strength. The rigorous demands of rugby league have equipped him with the power and endurance needed to excel in the world of arm wrestling.

Versatility and Adaptability:
Riekerd's well-rounded skills make him a versatile and adaptable arm wrestler. He excels in various techniques, grips, and positions, enabling him to approach each match strategically and outmaneuver opponents with a blend of finesse and raw power.

Triumphant Moments:
Riekerd Bornman's arm wrestling career is marked by numerous triumphant moments in local, national, and international competitions. His ability to harness his immense power and combine it with technical expertise has earned him accolades and the respect of his peers within the arm wrestling community.

Inspiring Others:
Beyond his competitive success, Riekerd serves as an inspiration to aspiring arm wrestlers who aim to develop their strength and skills. He actively supports and motivates fellow athletes, sharing his knowledge and experience to help them reach their full potential.

Future Ambitions:
Riekerd's journey in arm wrestling continues to evolve. With his enormous power and unwavering passion, he aspires to compete at the highest levels of the sport, challenging the best arm wrestlers in the world. His goal is to continue showcasing his strength and inspire others to push their limits.

Riekerd Bornman's unique blend of passion, power, and well-rounded skills has made him a standout figure in the world of arm wrestling. As he continues to dominate opponents and inspire others with his incredible journey, his legacy as the "Arm Wrestling Powerhouse" is destined to endure.

Stay tuned as Riekerd Bornman captivates arm wrestling audiences with his dynamic performances, demonstrating that passion, power, and technical prowess are the keys to success in this thrilling sport.

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